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Obtaining Model from CT Obtaining Model from MR Volume Calculation and Quantitative Analysis Rapid Prototyping Archeology - Anthropology Finite Element Analysis 3 Dimensional Visualization and Volumetric Render Microscopic Studies

3D-Doctor Capabilities

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3D Mesh Modeling from Cross Section Images 3D-Doctor imports formats such as DICOM, TIFF, BMP, JPEG, Interfile, PNG, PGM, GIF from devices like CT, MR, PET, SPECT without any additional modules. Both gray (8 and 16 bits) and color images are supported. Images scanned from the movie are easily sliced ​​through the film-crop engine that comes with 3D-Doctor. A Pelvis CT Finding an Image Brain Tumor ...

Why is 3D-Doctor Better?

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The biggest differences between 3D-Doctor and similar software are listed below. 3D-Doctor uses unique vector-based technology to obtain 3D models from CT, MR and microscopic images. It is easy to process and modify files on this page. In the surface models produced by 3D-Doctor, the number of triangles can be reduced in Quick Prototyping applications without sacrificing part quality. Thanks to intelligent hazards management, the number of cross sections has been removed. 256 has a memory of mb ...

What is 3D-Doctor?

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Adım 1. Orjinal CD görüntüsü Adım 2. Segmentasyon Adım 3. 3D Mesh model yaratımı 3D-Doctor, MRi, BT, PET, Mikroskobi, Bilimsel ve Endüstriyel uygulamalar için ileri düzey bir 3D modelleme, görüntü işleme ve ölçme yazılımıdır. 3D-DOCTOR DICOM, TIFF, Interfile, GIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, PGM, RAW ve diğer bir çok dosya formatındaki gri tonlamalı ve renkli görüntüleri işleyebilir. 3D-Doctor volume render XCHARX


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SmartOptics 3 size dental scanners with superior German optical scanning technology and quality, with the technological know-how of Ay Design ...


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Month Design biomodels% 100 biomembran ... Month Design Biomodels can be easily cut for simulation purposes. It will not break, it will not be forced. Month Design biomodels are heat resistant up to 180 degrees. It can be easily sterilized by this. Biomodules are obtained in three stages: 1) Imaging: Devices that give cross-sectional images such as CT, Micro CT, MR, SPECT, PET, Electron Microscope. 2) Data cycle: 3-sized digital model from sectional views ...


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Ay Design is one of the leading and leading companies in Turkey in Rapid Prototyping. Thanks to its great knowledge and experience, it can offer integrated rapid prototyping service to its customers. In this respect, Ay Design customers can use approximately 20 prototyping methods and numerous material options such as SLS, SLA, OBJ, FDM widely used in the world in the direction of our recommendations. When you apply to Ay Tasarım for the prototypes you need,