Bone Supported Implant Guide - Dr. Cem Şener

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Bone Assisted Implant Guide Assoc. Dr. Cem Sener Dt. Serkan Değirmenci Dt. Faysal Uğurlu Marmara University Faculty of Dentistry Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Department of Dentistry 3 DIMENSIONAL COMPUTERIZED TOMOGRAPHY IN THE IMPLANT PLAN (CASE REPORT) Nowadays, it is possible to obtain successful results thanks to developments and innovations in dental implant systems. However, the success of dental implants can not be attributed solely to the development of material properties. Existing bone topography ...

VR Mesh Software

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VRMesh is an advanced 3D point cloud and mesh processing software tool. Innovative technology aims to provide powerful and easy solutions for the engineering industry. VRMesh consists of three packages that offer different options to the customers. VRMesh Studio An advanced solution that provides a detailed workflow from automatic point cloud classification, attribute subtraction to smooth surface mesh generation. Contains all the features in VRMesh. ...

Volume Calculation and Quantitative Analysis

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3D Volume Calculation, Measurement and Quantitative Analysis 3D-Doctor 3D contains many tools for Calculation, Measurement and Quantitative Analysis. Thanks to its advanced vector-based architecture, a cismin can be computed with a single command, such as surface area, volume, center of gravity. 3D Measurements: Object volume Object surface area 3D Distance and length on object Digitize 3D points 3D object de-duplication 3D Object truncation Object ...

Model Obtaining from MR

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Model Acquisition from MR Step 1. MR Image Step 2. Segmentation Step 3. 3D model 3D Doctor uses special algorithms to obtain the 3D model from magnetic resonance images. Segmentation based on Hu values ​​in MR images can not provide good results. For this purpose, tissue-based segmentation has been developed. In 3D-Doctor, after the tissue has been separated by tissue-based segmentation, the 3D model with volume or surface render ...

Model Obtaining from CT

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Obtaining Model from CT With 3D-Doctor, you can obtain 3D models from CT sections within minutes. This process has been made step-by-step processable, leaving no room for mistakes with the 3D wizard. With a short training you can easily perform these basic operations. Obtaining the 3D model from CT section views consists of the following steps roughly. Cross-sectional views are imported into 3D-Doctor. The sections are graded according to Hounsfield Values. Segmentation ...

Microscopic Studies

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Microscopic Studies Using 3D-Doctor 3D-Doctor is used by many users around the world for 3D visualization and quantitative analysis by processing microscopic images. Below you can see some images provided by researchers Lambot MA, Mendive F, Vanderhaeghen P, and Vassart G at IRIBHM at the University of Brussels (ULB). The purpose of the study was to have clear information about the anatomy of the different channels found in mice. And also between mice and humans ...

3 Dimensioned Visualization and Volumetric Render

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3 Dimension Visualization and Volumetric Render 3D-Doctor can create perfect volumetric render images in minutes with powerful ray-tracing algorithm. You can use these images in situations where surface rendering is insufficient, such as tumor cases, as well as the visual image they provide. The images created with 3D-Doctor are fully real-time interactive. All or part of the cross-section view can be rendered. "Region of Interest" to limit the objects or ...

Finite Element Analysis

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The Aspect Ratio from 3D-Doctor is extremely orderly and ready for the Finish Element Analysis models without any modules required. When generating models in 3D-Doctor, the detail level of the model can be preset. Thus, the model can be placed in much faster format.

Archeology - Anthropology

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Archeology - Anthropology Medical Rapid Prototyping has broad applications in science such as Anthropology, Archeology. Thanks to Medical Rapid Prototyping, computer-aided detailed measurements can be made on the finds without damaging the original. Digital copies of the finds of future generations can be stored. Forensic medicine and similar studies can be done in the study. The soft tissue-hard tissue composite obtained by the volumetric rendering method of a mummy that has been scanned for tomography in the next image series ...

Rapid Prototyping

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Rapid Prototyping for Operation and Treatment Planning 3D-Doctor can export 3d models in both ASCII form and Binary format without requiring any additional modules. Files on this page can be processed directly in the Month Design or in your favorite prototyping team's Rapid Prototyping machine. Monthly Design, digital data produced by FDA-approved 3D-Doctor uses only FDA approved OBJ, SLS, FDM methods. These methods have high biocompatibility, ...