Guide Design

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Enhance Your Workflow GuideDesign is a module of Implant 3D software that guides the design of guidelines to perform implant-prosthetic intervention in the guiding surgeon. GuideDesign allows you to create mucosa-assisted, dental-assisted, bone-assisted, and dual-scan CT surgical guides. With a few clicks of the mouse you can create a highly precise and customized surgical guide. Simply by selecting the surgical guide edge and the type of bracelet to be used, GuideDesign is ready to be printed with an 3D printer ...

Dr. Free Lightning

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Study Name: Examination of the stresses formed in fixation of pelvic bone with different screws and plates by means of analysis of three dimensional finite elements

Dr. Umut Çakan

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Study name: Comparison of thermal stress effects on restorative post and core materials of different structures with oral temperature changes with three dimensional finite element analysis method

Dr. Cemile Uysal

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Study name: Zigoma ankraji and posterior teeth in intracranial intrusions and differences in the effect of addition of supine corticotomy in addition to intrusion; Investigation of the stresses in teeth, cortical and spongioz bone, zygoma plate and intussusception with end element analysis method

Maxillofacial Prosthesis

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Computer Assisted Surgery Planning and Implantology It can be used widely in the maxillofacial prosthesis. In this case, the implants required for the prosthesis are planned with Implant 3D software. Extra Oral Implant with a Lateral and Midfacial Defect (Straumann, Zurich, Switzerland) Assisted Rehabilitation Method: Surgery and Prosthetic Preparation Hüseyin KURTULMUŞ * Dt. Tuğrul SAYGI * Prof. Dr. Engin ARAS (EGE ...

Mucosa Supported Guide - Dr. Murat AKKAYA

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Mucosa-assisted Implant Operation with ITI Implants Dr. Murat AKKAYA (Ankara University, Faculty of Dentistry, Periodontology) Assoc. Dr. Hakan TERZİOĞLU (Ankara University, Faculty of Dentistry, Prosthesis) Dr. Oğuz OZAN (Ankara University, Dentistry Faculty, Prosthesis Department) The use of an incision in implant operations is preferred by physicians, but the incision can lead to bleeding and trauma in the patient, Yanda Ay ...

Bone Supported Implant Guide - Nejat Bora Sayan

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Once the patient has decided to apply the implant, the patient is sent to the imaging center via the screening protocol. Axial sections are obtained from the tomography center. No Dental Scan or 3 Dimension Reconstruction Required. Obtained Sections Begin Processing in Implant3d Software. In this software, both the panoramic image of the patient, both the sagittal sections and the 3-sized model are synchronously displayed. Classical on Panoramic Film Produced from Axial Sections ...